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Dear Dave Magazine | Shanna Merola in Conversation with Stephen Frailey

Photo Emphasis | Project Spotlight: We All Live Downwind

Nat.Brut | Art and Protest: Piece it Together

Art 21 Magazine | The Feast of Detroit

Interview Magazine | Shanna Merola, The New Activists

Aint Bad Magazine | Shanna Merola

LensCulture | Shanna Merola

CICA Press | Artist Statement #2

Drain Magazine | Art Projects Shanna Merola

Barbed Magazine Issue 4 | Detroit Bread

Essay'd: Short Essays on Detroit Artists | 26 Shanna Merola

Hyperallergic | After Flint Water Crisis, Police Murders, and More

Critical Moment: Detroit by Detroiters | Featured Artist Shanna Merola

infinite mile a journal of art and culture(s) in Detroit | Black Day in July

Detroit Art Review | Group Exhibition @ N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art

Selected Press on Collaborative Projects 

Archinect | Dispatch From the Venice Biennale: a Healthy Dose of Dissent From Detroit Resists, The Architecture Lobby and More

Architect | The Ethics of Architecture: But We're the Good Guys

NextSTL | Is There a City Without Empathy?

infinite mile | A Seasoned Look at Porous Borders

Articles Authored

infinite mile | #freethewater; Conversation with Anonio Cosme | Artwork by William Lucka 

infinite mile | The Systems Not Broken, It Was Built This Way

Citizen Journalism

Democracy Now | Exclusive Report: How Long Did Flint’s County Jail Inmates Drink Poisoned Water

Guild Notes | Flint Inmates Forced to Drink Contaminated Water

Guild Notes | NLG Legal Observers Monitor Toledo Nazi Counter Protest