Our goal is to demystify the law for people engaging in protest activity. We maintain that everyone has the right to access and understand the law in order to protect themselves and others from unconstitutional police practices. Know Your Rights workshops provide people with the tools to make informed and confident decisions during police encounters. They cover best practices when filming and documenting cops, technology and security concerns, and the “magic words” that will let police know when you are invoking your rights. They are participatory and include opportunities to share experiences, voice concerns, and ask questions. With help from audience members, we’ll perform skits that cover some common arrest scenarios - complete with costumes for the actors - created in the spirit of guerilla street theatre and the politically radical puppet troupes of the 1960’s.

Workshops are tailored to the needs of particular organizations, with sensitivity to marginalized groups and those disproportionately targeted by racialized police violence. We believe that those most oppressed by the criminal justice system should be leading the movement and hope that our resources provide support to communities in struggle.

If you would like to request a KYR Workshop or find out more about how to become a Legal Observer with the Detroit and Michigan Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild please send your request to Shanna Merola at Locoordinator@michigannlg.org